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The Right Steps for the Perfect out Adventure

The holidays soon?A planned trip? What are we bringing in our luggage? Traveling light should be a rule of thumb when going on a trip. Whatever the type of planned trip or destination, good baggage planning is a valuable piece of advice for a successful trip.

The benefits are many especially when it comes to a trip by plane. By bringing a single backpack or carry-on bag and a small backpack for personal belongings, you’ll save time on arrival by not waiting for your suitcases on the carousel. You reduce the risk of losing your luggage, mainly during multiple matches. You reduce damage from handling suitcases that are sometimes abused. According to the airline, you will also save on the cost of registering your luggage, an increasingly common practice. For the Outdoor Adventure Activities this is the best deal now.

At destination, if you are walking to visit or to move from one place to another along your route, the weight of your luggage will greatly influence your happiness. Traveling light will allow you to live exotic experiences by using means of transport inaccessible to heavily loaded travelers.

Preparation: the most important step

Preparing your luggage is not only a pleasant step, it is the most important and strategic step of your trip. It is essential to think carefully to make the right choices, determine what is essential and what is superfluous. Since clothing is the most important and contributes most to the weight of the luggage, to travel light, it is necessary to reduce the quantity.

Ultimately, clothing has no other use than to protect you from the elements and climatic conditions of the places you visit. The type of trip and the activities you will do, your destination, the climate, the season and the duration of your trip will have to be taken into consideration and will play the predominant role in the choice of clothes to bring. Contrary to popular belief, to do this, you do not need a lot of clothes.

4 rules to prepare your backpack

  • Select versatile clothing that will fit well. Matching clothes will allow them to be worn multiple times and their versatility will suit all occasions and in a variety of contexts.
  • Choose a color palette. Opt for neutral colors that can be combined. Gray and beige are very versatile colors. Dark colors are good options because they get dirty less quickly. Some brightly colored items will complement your wardrobe.
  • Use the multilayer system, a minimum of clothes for maximum efficiency! Well known to hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, this is an effective strategy that combines three layers of clothing that is layered, removed or added depending on the climate, as we explained in a previous article.
  • Invest in high-performance clothing. These technical garments have the advantage of being light, strong and aesthetic while having the particularity to dry quickly. An important point in case you get caught in the rain or you wants to do the laundry.